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Loveamme 小型紫外線消毒器

Loveamme 小型紫外線消毒器

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* 易於清潔同輕便                                                                                                

* 可殺死 99.9% 嘅有害細菌,病毒,細菌,真菌 和原生動物

* 360°消毒                                                                                                      

* 飛利浦 - 紫外線消毒燈    

UV sterilisation is a non-chemical process, and can sterilise a wider variety of items when compared to steam sterilisers. With a water-free process, your bottles dry faster and less cleaning is needed. LoveClean Pro saves you time on sterilisation. It comes in a sleek charcoal grey that fits into any modern kitchen.

Customised UV Sterilisation: 3 UV sterilise settings, 3 dryer settings, 3 auto settings and 1 store settings
Easy To Operate:Single hand operation, easy selection of functions. Digital display shows the remaining time left for selected function
Large Capacity: Holds up to 16 milk bottles
Kills 99.9% Of Harmful Bacteria: Kills 99..9% of harmful germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa
360° Sterilisation: Dependable, robust technology powered by two Philips UV lamps. High-quality 304 steel reflects rays efficiently for 360° sterilisation


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