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LOVEAMME 醫院級雙邊吸奶器
LOVEAMME 醫院級雙邊吸奶器
LOVEAMME 醫院級雙邊吸奶器
LOVEAMME 醫院級雙邊吸奶器
LOVEAMME 醫院級雙邊吸奶器

LOVEAMME 醫院級雙邊吸奶器

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* 具有 378 個設置的個人化泵體驗

* 三段式吸壓技術為高產奶量 (剌激模式,吸壓模式和深度吸壓模式

* 獨立每邊泵奶模式

* 通過迴流和污染預防保護您的牛奶

* 可使用充電電池和 USB 進行泵

1 out of 10 women who breastfeed will experience mastitis, and even more will encounter clogged ducts. Symptoms of mastitis include swelling, flu-like symptoms, and pain when breastfeeding. Sore, cracked or bleeding nipples are also common grievances we have heard from mums. TailorMade Pro aids recovery from a range of painful issues through:

a. Individualised breast settings that enable mums to customise the pump session to each breast's condition;

b. Deep Expression Phase to clear blocked ducts and help you empty your breasts completely;

c. Custom-fit breast shields that ensure a near-perfect fit, thus increasing the effectiveness of each pump session.

Breasts can be rock-hard when engorged, or tender to touch when infected. Our proprietary FlexSkin™ Breast Shields departs from hard, unfriendly plastic cups, and are made of 100% Food-Grade silicone. The soft material firmly, yet gently conforms to sensitive skin and breast contours to reduce spills. It is able to support pumping in semi-lying positions so mums can rest while they pump. Using individual settings for each breast, it can also aid mums with uneven supply to increase the milk production of the breast with lower yield.

Coupled with pliable silicone, our custom-fit FlexSkin™ Breast Shields increases comfort-levels with a massaging effect as gentle as expressing by hand, enabling mums to keep pumping and feeding through issues.


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