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b.box 便攜式圍兜連餵食匙
b.box 便攜式圍兜連餵食匙
b.box 便攜式圍兜連餵食匙
b.box 便攜式圍兜連餵食匙
b.box 便攜式圍兜連餵食匙

b.box 便攜式圍兜連餵食匙

B Box
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- 魔術貼設計方便調整大小

- 迪士尼造型增添寶寶吃飯樂趣

- 圍兜可以收進袋子內,吊掛著隨身帶著走

- 內含1支食品級矽膠軟湯匙,以安全無毒材質製成

- 澳洲獲獎產品,專利設計

- 4個月以上適用

- 打開拉鍊,輕易取出口水肩

- 拉鍊盒圍兜設計,寶寶進食時可盛載食物碎屑

- 使用後可將口水肩及小型餐具(如匙、叉及筷子等)直接收納在拉鍊盒內,回家一併清洗,衛生方便

- 附一支矽膠餵食匙

- 可掛扣在嬰兒車或媽媽袋上,方便攜帶

- 口水肩表面防水,方便清潔

- 採用快乾物料

- 餵食匙適用於洗碗碟機

- 不含BPA,PVC 及塑化劑

It’s Disney reimagined, with a very b.box take on Disney classics. Bringing together b.box’s award-winning travel bib and your favourite Disney characters. What better way to celebrate 90 years of magic than with a collectible Disney x b.box travel bib + spoon? 

The only bib on the market that zips closed. Busy parents can feed on the go without having to deal with messy zip lock bags. When you’re done feeding bubs, simply tuck the spoon in the food catcher, roll up and zip up! No more messy zip lock bags!

The travel bib also features an integrated Velcro hang loop, so when you’re finished feeding, hang it onto the pram or stroller, to remind you to pop it in the wash when you reach home (and keep the mess away from the nappy bag!).

Adjustable Velcro strap around the neckline ensures the perfect fit and coverage.

Plus, a flexible silicone spoon is also included with the travel bib.

Made from 100% machine washable and quick drying materials.


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