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Gro-snug 包裹睡袋(Light輕盈版)
Gro-snug 包裹睡袋(Light輕盈版)

Gro-snug 包裹睡袋(Light輕盈版)

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Gro-snug 包裹睡袋讓您將寶寶的手臂包進去或留在外面,取得一夜好眠。使用極為簡單,無須摺疊,底部一條長拉鍊方便更換尿布。獨特設計所營造的空間,可以讓寶寶維持健康髖部雙腿自然伸展的姿勢。

根據最新的醫療專業知識,gro-snug 包裹睡袋可令寶寶保持舒適,是寶寶使用第一個 Grobag 嬰兒睡袋前的完美選擇。採用超柔軟的彈性棉,Gro-snug 有二個不同重量的款式 - 輕盈版及舒適版,適用於不同的溫度。 寶寶們的最愛!

For 5 to 12 lbs 2.3 to 5.5 kgs /  Light for rooms 21-25°C

適用於5-12磅(2.3-5.5 公斤)/ 輕盈版適合房間溫度21-25°C

The Gro-snug enables you to swaddle arms in or out for a great night's sleep. Extremely easy to use with no folding needed and a long zip that opens from the bottom for nappy changes. Unique design creates space for hip healthy natural leg position.

Based on the latest medical expertise, the gro-snug keeps your bay comfortable, and perfectly transitions them in to their first Grobag. Supersoft and stretchy cotton, The Gro-snug is available in two different weights - Light and Cosy, for different room temperatures. Babies love it!





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